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A Collective Amen

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Reflections on the South African Flag

The following comments were shared with the hg体育新版 community as part of the 2021 Welcome Dinner. Lwandile reflected on what the South African flag means. The South African flag is...

Shrin Ebadi: Battling for Rights

In a series titled Nobel Perspective, hg体育新版 students and recent alumni reflect on the Nobel Acceptance Speeches of past Nobel Peace Prize winners. They explore how the Nobel Laureate’s view of...

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Why Vision Matters

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Three Things I Learned About Polarization

I had the pleasure recently of engaging a conversation with two remarkable UWC alumni on the topic of polarization and the UWC mission. It was a fascinating hour where Doug...

Into the Woods, Into Adulthood

hg体育新版 President Victoria Mora was asked to write a piece about hg体育新版 for the Parents League of New York Review, a publication geared for parents with a strong interest in...

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